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    Regarding Fall Sports, here are parameters as set by members of the Marion County School Board: 


    • 4 vouchers will be given to each participating MCPS student (athlete, cheerleader, band member, etc.). Students may distribute vouchers as they like.
    • Vouchers must be presented at gate to purchase tickets (one ticket per voucher). No voucher, no ticket. No general admission.
    • Restricted entrance for better control.
    • Bring a face covering.  Ticket purchasers must abide by Marion County School Board resolution requiring face coverings on all School Board property when safe social distancing is not possible per CDC recommendations.
    • Spectators in bleachers and other areas are expected to safely social distance.
    • Capacity limited to 50 percent.
    • Spectator contact prohibited with student athletes to limit physical exposure.
    • Media will remain in limited staging areas.  No face-to-face interviews will be provided.
    • Paid parking may be available on a school-by-school basis.
    • MCPS employees must wear badge for sole admission.
    • Concession sales may be available in a pre-packaged format on a school-by-school basis.
    • Public water fountains will not be available.


    For the latest information on COVID-19 cases and their impact on our school district, check these updates:



    We make the health and safety of our students and staff a top priority, especially during this pandemic.  With many students and staff members returning to campus, here are some of the measures we're taking:


    • School Board Resolution requires face coverings (masks, shields, etc.) on school board property when social distancing is not possible 
    • Maintaining a clean environment at all times thanks to the dedication of custodial crews, teachers, and all of us. Measures include cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas every night using best practices based Centers for Disease Control and Florida Department of Health in Marion County guidelines, and the national Academy of Cleaning Excellence.  Staff training certifications add to the importance and success of this step.  
    • Refilling hand sanitizer stations and pump bottles daily and more often if needed to provide instant disinfecting  
    • Using Peroxy HDOX, a safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning agent, on every campus by custodians. Classroom teachers also have this available.  
    • Providing free face masks and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to all students and staff members.  
    • Shutting down classroom and disinfecting when COVID-19 exposure is suspected or confirmed. 
    • Operating fresh-air HVAC systems to pump outside air into classrooms, maintaining healthy air quality.  
    • When it comes to school buses, using face masks, hand sanitizer, between-route and nightly cleanings, and continuous monitoring. Buses can be taken offline for COVID-19 concerns.   
    • Providing specific steps to help students exposed to COVID-19 based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Florida Department of Health in Marion County 
    • Issuing directives to help staff members exposed to COVID-19 conditions based on the same CDC and DOH guidelines. 


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