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Launching Literacy in the Community - Rashad Jones                    Erica Skula photo for Launching Literacy in the Community

          Rashad Jones, National Pitmaster                                           Erika Skula, AdventHealth Ocala CEO

Dr. Adetayo Lawal, Orthopaedic Resident, HCA Ocala                  MCPS Launching Literacy in the Community with Michelle Cino

  Dr. Adetayo Lawal, Resident Orthopaedic, HCA Ocala          Michelle Cino, MCPS Principal of the Year

Launching Literacy in the Community - Mike Mills Photo                   Launching Literacy in the Community - Marciano

Mike Mills, Local Business Owner                                        Ben Marciano, Mayor of Ocala

Launching Literacy in the Community - Dr. Jim Henningsen                   Launching Literacy in the Community - MCFR Chief Banta

               Dr. Jim Henningsen, President of CF                                                    MCFR Chief Banta

Launching Literacy in the Community - Collins Sheldon

Collins Sheldon, MCPS Student Scientist 


This year we launch yet another exciting phase of promoting literacy throughout Marion County and allowing students to learn more about how important literacy skills are in the careers of so
many business leaders and community members.

This year we are producing videos spotlighting 10 community members speaking about the importance of literacy in their career. We want all
students to hear the stories about just how important literacy is in their career and which literacy skills have allowed them to achieve their dreams.

Marion County Public Schools values the importance of these important community partnerships to help all students reach their highest level of academic success while ensuring students have the
ability to read, write, and speak in a way that allows them to communicate effectively all of their ideas that will change the world! We are so excited to have the opportunity to inspire thousands of students with these literacy stories. Each video is provided to each school principal to share with their students. These videos often become part of school morning shows/announcements and are further shared with students, parents, and school team members. Part of this year’s campaign is also an essay contest. Stay tuned for announcements about winning entries.

In 2021 “Launching Literacy in the Community” was started to promote the importance of literacy throughout Marion County Public Schools. A website was created to
promote and support family and community engagement while connecting standards-based literacy lessons in the elementary classroom with activities and conversations beyond the school day.

Marion County Schools also proudly partnered with local barbershops and hair stylists to provide reading opportunities to students while they are getting a haircut.

There were family reading nights at Barnes & Noble and menus that promoted literacy distributed to
restaurants throughout Marion County.

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