How to Submit an Order

Website Ordering

Using our web-based catalog, teachers and staff can create an order online and have it emailed to their secretaries or bookkeepers. They will then be able to process your order into Skyward as a warehouse requisition.

Online Catalog

The Warehouse personnel will work diligently to provide a prompt delivery!


Warehouse Returns

Anytime you receive an item you feel is not exactly what you wanted or decide you do not need it, you may return it. Secretaries, please follow the below steps to submit a return. 

  1. Log into Skyward Financial
  2.  Select the Inventory Tab
  3. Click Return Items Received
  4. Click Add (top right)
  5. Input requisition number and press enter
  6. Locate the item code within the second column, then click Select (top right)
  7. Verify requisition number, item code, and quantity you would like to return
    1. Return Type - Reorder: You need a replacement for damaged items
    2. Return Type - Do Not Reorder: You wish to be credited for the item and not receive a replacement
  8. Click Save (top right)


You will also need to place a copy of the original ticket with the box for return. Label the box "Return to Warehouse" so your courier will pick it up.



If your location is outside the MCPS network, log into the MCPS Desktop and search for the "Central Warehouse" tile if not visible on your home page.










Return Box