Grants Office

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest level of technical support to departments and schools applying for grant funding.

This mission will be accomplished by increasing grant seeker's knowledge, providing a framework for grant development, assisting grant seekers with research and writing, providing a system to match school and department priorities to district goals and objectives, and helping school and department staff develop a quality system to improve proposal development and project implementation.

Our vision is to maximize resources available to Marion County Public Schools to improve educational services and ensure the accountability of those resources.

Grant Notices and Funding Opportunities

About These Notices
Grants have been selected based on district needs, district eligibility, consistency with Board policy and goals, and interest to educators. If you would like further information on available funding, please contact the Grants Office for assistance. Many grant application forms are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF), which is a worldwide standard for sharing documents on the Web. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view and complete these files.

How to Proceed
Help us help you! In order to reduce wasteful duplication of effort and unintentional internal competition, District employees and community partners who intend to submit a proposal for a grant should contact the Grants Office prior to beginning proposal development. We can help you make certain that your proposal is competitive and is in compliance with applicable laws, policies, and regulations.

Please Note: The School District of Marion County is not designated as a 501(c)3 organization under IRS rules, nor are any schools operated by the School District of Marion County. However, the School District of Marion County is a public agency established by the Constitution of the State of Florida, and is a tax-levying authority. This is an important distinction, because some funders specify in their grant notices that eligible applicants must be designated by the IRS as 501(c)3 organization. If you find such a limitation in a grant notice, it is a good practice to consult with the funder to determine if a public agency (such as a school district or a school within it) would also be eligible under their guidelines. In many cases, the funders are willing to accept applications from public schools even though their notices may not state this specifically.

Contact Information - Grants Office

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Rene Seuntjens Coordinator I - Grants [email protected]

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