Student Discipline

Student Services encompasses Dropout Prevention Services, Home School, and the 504 program.

The Mission of the Dropout Prevention Program is to provide a continuation of educational services that empowers reassigned, expelled, and referred students by creating a culture that supports a personalized learning experience and by using the continuous improvement model.

Dropout Prevention Services provides personal and educational support for students at risk of not making continuous progress in school by creating and implementing alternatives for achieving success.


Services Provided

The district offers several education alternatives and diploma exit options for students who are credit-deficient or age-inappropriate. This includes a Young Parent Program, Contracted Alternative Schools, and Youth Services Programs for incarcerated youth.

These intervention programs provide a focus on academics with behavior management systems including work ethics, self-discipline and respect. Programs may include: counseling, community service and transitional services, technology, and individualized attention.

Marion County Home Education is a program to comply with 1002.01(34), Florida Statutes. It defines home education as sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent or guardian, in order to satisfy the requirement for compulsory education as defined in 1002.41, Florida Statutes. No curriculum is prescribed.