Field Trips

Standard field trips to the Silver River Museum are designed for 4th grade Florida history, 5th grade science and high school level science activities.

Every Silver River Museum field trip incorporates the current Florida Standards in Social Studies and/or Science. Trips begin with a classroom overview followed by hands-on activities and a guided museum or field experience.

Field Trip Topics

4th Grade Florida History - Technology through the Ages in Florida-Explore how technology has changed in Florida from Pre-History to Current Day. This field trip includes a guided tour of the Florida Pioneer Village and hand-on experience with pioneer chores. Guided by museum staff.

5th Grade Science - Survival in the Ecosystems of Florida-explore how plants and animals survive in the ecosystems of Florida and how humans can impact those organisms’ survival. Trip includes an interpretive boat tour of the silver river, and either a tram tour of an upland ecosystem or a guided hike to the uplands. Guided by museum staff.

High School Level Science – Higher level science field trip introduces students several ecosystems and includes hands-on sampling activities of soil, air and water using probe equipment. Guided by the classroom teacher. Required training for teacher provided prior to field trip. Contact Tia Brown for more information at [email protected].

Schedule a Trip

Marion County Public Schools 4th and 5th grade students-schools will be assigned field trip dates in coordination with school administrators. Visit our Elementary Education Portal Page for pre-trip lessons, planning sheets, and a sample school checklist.

Other Marion County Public School Grade Levels-we are happy to host other grade levels. Field trips in Florida History or Environmental Education can be personalized to suite your students’ age and stage. For more information, and to schedule your trip contact our resource teacher, Erin Benavides at [email protected].

Non-MCPS Students-We have limited availability to schedule Non-MCPS school groups. For more information, and to schedule your trip contact our resource teacher, Erin Benavides at [email protected].