Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations provides support for hardware, applications and networks that are housed in the MCPS Data Center and all schools. Team members ensure that new services are designed, implemented, operated, and supported for MCPS. We have set high standards for performance, reliability, and security of mission-critical systems.

Services Provided

  • Maintains daily support for over 25,00 computers
  • Maintains support for all FIBER data networks including over 1400 wireless access points and 1200 networking devices district wide
  • Maintains support for over 219 physical and 429 virtual servers district wide
  • Co-Supports all engaged classroom installations and replacements
  • Supports IP TV
  • Supports over 50,000 student and staff network accounts
  • Maintains support and administration for all school video surveillance systems

Contact Information

Ed Beers, Supervisor of Infrastructure

  • Cheryl Perrone - 352-671-7162 (5-7593)
  • Larry Clements
  • Jim Dugan
  • John Cook
  • John Meade
  • Julian Niehaus
  • Charles Spencer
  • Christopher Thompson
  • Marcus Wager
  • Matthew Webber

Voice: 352-671-7162
FAX: 352-671-7571