Supplemental Curriculum Materials

A supplemental material (also known as an ancillary or supplementary resource) is an additional resource that can be used with the district’s adopted instructional materials. Supplemental materials help students work with the content, others offer teachers activities that can increase interest and learning. Some examples of helpful materials include additional access to texts at differentiated reading levels, group discussion prompts, and hands-on activities. These materials help reach more students and are written with different learning styles in mind.

Elementary Supplemental Resources
Grades 3-5 Read 180 and System 44 Book Titles

Secondary Supplemental Resources
Read 180 and System 44 Book Titles

Gifted Elementary Classrooms (Grades K-5)

Please see the PDF below to learn more about the Junior Great Books that may be used in Gifted Classrooms. Series K is for Kindergarten, Series 1 is for first grade, Series 2 is for second grade, Series 3 is for third grade, Series 4 is for fourth grade, Series 5 is for fifth grade.
Junior Great Books Series