MCPS Points of Pride

Total Number of Scholarships Awarded

Our district takes immense pride in the outstanding achievements of our students. We are thrilled to announce that our seven high schools have collectively been awarded a staggering $21 million in scholarships this year. This incredible sum not only reflects the academic excellence and dedication of our students but also underscores the unwavering support and commitment of our educators, parents, and the community. These scholarships open doors to prestigious colleges and universities, empowering our graduates to pursue their dreams and make a lasting impact on the world. We are proud of their hard work and success!

Total Number of Bright Futures Recipients

We are elated to share that 368 of our exceptional students have been awarded the prestigious Bright Futures Scholarships this year. This remarkable achievement highlights the dedication, hard work, and academic prowess of our students. It also reflects the outstanding support and encouragement provided by our dedicated teachers, staff, and families. These scholarships not only recognize the talent and perseverance of our students but also provide them with valuable opportunities to further their education and achieve their dreams. We are impressed with our students' accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their continued success!


Our school district is home to a vibrant and dynamic community, comprising 45,500 bright and talented students and 2,100 adult learners.  Our staff of more than 6,600 dedicated employees includes over 3,000 exceptional teachers. Our educators are the backbone of our district, bringing passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in every classroom. Together, they foster an environment where students are encouraged to explore their potential, embrace challenges, and achieve academic success. The strong student-teacher ratio ensures personalized attention and a supportive learning atmosphere, helping each student thrive. We are a large and diverse family, united in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Magnet Programs

Our district proudly offers more than 15 magnet programs across 15 different school locations, providing our students with unique and enriching educational opportunities. These specialized programs are designed to cater to a diverse range of interests and talents, from rigorous academic study to hands-on vocational training. By participating in these magnet programs, students can delve deeper into their passions, acquire specialized skills, and gain a competitive edge for their future endeavors. Whether it's through advanced coursework, innovative projects, or practical experiences, our magnet programs empower students to explore their potential and excel in their chosen fields. We are committed to fostering an environment where every student can thrive and achieve their dreams.

Languages and Dialects

Our school district is a true melting pot of cultures and diversity, with 81 languages and dialects represented among our students and staff. This rich tapestry of linguistic diversity reflects the global nature of our community. MCPS fosters an environment of inclusion, understanding, and respect, where students can learn from each other’s unique perspectives and cultural backgrounds. By embracing and celebrating this diversity, we prepare our students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

District Awards

Our school district is honored to have received several prestigious awards that underscore our commitment to excellence in education and administration. We are proud recipients of:

  • Medium-sized Cambridge District of the Year
  • The College Board Award
  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting  from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
  • Accredited Status by the Cognia Global Commission
  • Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit from National School Public Relations Association

These accolades reflect the hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirit of our entire district. We are committed to maintaining these high standards and continuing to provide outstanding educational experiences for all our students.

School Grades

MCPS is a B rated school district, showcasing our commitment to providing quality education and continuous improvement. The breakdown inlcludes:

  • 5 schools that have earned an A rating
  • 10 schools have been awarded a B rating
  • 32 schools with a C rating
  • 3 schools with a D rating
  • 0 schools with an F rating
    Some schools do not receive annual grades

Together, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of learning and success for every student in our community.

Number of schools

Our school district is a thriving educational community, encompassing a diverse range of institutions designed to meet the unique needs and interests of our students including:

  • 30 elementary schools
  • 9  middle schools
  • 7 high schools
  • 1 combination school
  • 1 Exceptional Student Education Center
  • 1 virtual school
  • 1 technical college
  • 5 charter schools

Together, these 55 schools create a rich and varied educational landscape where every student can thrive and succeed. We are committed to offering a high-quality education that caters to the diverse needs of our students.