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Printed Summative Evaluation

Your current principal will receive a PDF of your SY2022-2023 Summative Evaluation. The printed Summative Evaluation containing your current principal’s signature and your signature will be sent to the Employment Services Division.

A copy of your printed Summative Evaluation will be provided to you by your school.

Marion Accountability System (MAS)

The Marion Accountability System is an online platform designed to provide instructional personnel access to their most recent Summative Evaluation data.  This platform is only accessible from a district school or district facility.  Be sure to use your MCPS credentials to log in.

Click the Link(s) Below to Access:


SY2022-2023 Summative Evaluation Data


Prior Years:

SY2021-2022 Summative Evaluation Data


SY2020-2021 Summative Evaluation Data


SY2018-2019 Summative Evaluation Data


*Note: 2019-2020: Summative Evaluations suspended due to COVID-19 as a result of DOE Order 2020-EO-01.

VAM and Local Student Achievement Measures by Course

This document provides detailed information related to calculations by course.

Course Calculation Worksheet



Local Student Achievement Growth Models

This document provides detailed information related to local student achievement growth models.


SY2022-2023 Growth Models


State VAM Visualization Tool

The Florida Department of Education offers educators a secure single sign-on access to the VAM Visualization Tool, as required by Section 1012.34(7)(A).  This tool allows educators to access their VAM (Value Added Model) scores quickly and easily. 

Please note, VAM scores are only produced for the following grades and subjects:

  • 4th-10th Grade English Language Arts
  • 4th-8th Grade Mathematics
  • 8th and 9th Grade Algebra I

Visit the Employee Desktop to access the Florida VAM Visualization Tool.

Summative Overview

For more information, please review the PowerPoint related to 2022-2023 Summative Evaluations and the Summative Evaluation Form.

SY2022-2023 Summative PowerPoint