Telecommunication Systems & Services

The Telecommunication Systems and Services Department designs, deploys, installs, maintains, and provides support for all telecommunication devices and services in MCPS.

Telephone and Voicemail

TSS team members maintain the DID telephone system within the territories of three telcos – CenturyLink, Verizon, and AT&T. MCPS has over 6000 phone numbers, voicemail boxes, and digital telephones.

DID is short for direct inward dialing, a service of our local telephone companies that allows MCPS to have numerous individual phone numbers for each person or workstation in its PBX system that run off of a small block of dedicated telephone numbers. DID allows the multiple lines to be connected to the PBX all at once without requiring each to have a physical line connecting to the PBX.

TSS also maintains the analog lines for emergency use and fax machines, and the FRS and TTY systems for the hearing or speech impaired.

MCPS Telephone Tech Tips (How to transfer calls, make a conference call, turn off microphone, etc.)

Telecommunication Systems & Services

Fire alarm, Intercom, and Security Systems

TSS members maintain existing installations and supervise new installations of the fire alarm, intercom, and security systems in the schools and district offices.

District VHF 2-Way Radio System

TSS installs and maintains the District-wide VHF Radio System. These radios are used by many employees, such as Technical Services, Custodial Services, Risk Management, and Central Warehouse.

The radios are also used by administrators and resource officers at the schools and by school bus drivers. Transportation coordinates school bus stops and communicates by radio during bus incidents.

During times of emergency when the land phone lines and cell phones are unusable, the radio system is essential in operating our shelters and in getting our school district running again.

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Gary McCallum, Sr. Telecommunications Analyst

  • Raymond Canganelli
  • Ricardo Cintron
  • Eugenio Cuevas
  • Chris Michaels
  • Richard Reitz
  • Brandon Singletary

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