School Menus


We’ve made it easier for you to view your student’s school menus! Marion County School parents will now be able to view school menus with MealViewer:

  • View what is being served each day

  • View the nutritional information for each meal

  • See if any specific allergens are being served

  • Get notified when your student’s favorite meal is being served

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MealViewer QR Code

Mealviewer App QR Code

A la Carte Menu and Prices

Nutritional Analysis Report

NOTICE: The data contained within this report and the NUTRIKIDS Menu Planning and Nutritional Analysis software should not be used for and does not provide menu planning for a child with a medical condition or food allergy. Ingredients and menu items are subject to change or substitution without notice. Please consult a medical professional for assistance in planning for or treating medical conditions.

Student Menu Suggestion

If you are a Marion County student, here is your chance to make suggestions for your breakfast and lunch menu! Keep in mind that your menu ideas need to be healthy, as well as food choices you think your fellow students will enjoy. Please submit your suggestions to Tammy Alvarez and be sure to list the name of the school you currently attend (submitting your name is optional).