MAP Employee Discount

Eligibility Requirements:

Full Time employees of the Marion County School Board are eligible for a 50% discount on their Marion Afterschool Programs’ fees.  Due to the taxable benefit, the discount only applies to full time employees that consistently receive a paycheck from MCPS.  Substitute teachers do not qualify for the discount. 

  • You must be the legal guardian of the child(ren) registered in the program. This information will be verified in Student Skyward.
  • Your students must be registered and attending Marion Afterschool Programs weekly to receive this discount. 
  • This discount is not eligible for early release and/or emergency drop ins unless your student is registered and attending weekly. 

Termination of Employment:

If the employee’s employment with the district terminates for any reason, the child(ren) approved for the employee discount will no longer be eligible for a discount.  If a discount has been given beyond the employee’s last week of employment, the account will be adjusted to reverse any excess discount given.

Employee Discount is a Taxable Benefit:

The 50% discount is a taxable benefit and employees will see the Marion Afterschool Programs fringe (EXT DAY FRNG) amount on their paycheck or direct deposit receipt.  This is not a deduction and it increases the amount of your taxable gross and MCPS deducts federal withholding, FICA and Medicare tax on the discounted amount.

Payment information will be remitted to Payroll from Marion Afterschool Programs on a monthly basis and will be posted to your payroll each month after it is received.


IMPORTANT:  The questionnaire must be completed and submitted upon registering your student(s) for Marion Afterschool Programs.  The discount will not be applied to the account until the questionnaire is completed and submitted.  The parent will be responsible for paying the full rate for those weeks the student(s) attend prior to the questionnaire being submitted.  Marion Afterschool Programs will not apply the discount to the previous weeks.

 If you did not complete the employee discount questionnaire during the registration process, employee questionnaires must be submitted by the end of the day on Tuesday of each week to allow time for the questionnaire to be processed.   Discount will apply to the following week’s invoice.  

Employee Discount