Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Weighted GPA will be determined by the following 24 courses on the student's transcript. Any High School credit courses taken during Elementary or Middle School can count toward top 24 credits.

4 credits in English*
4 credits in Mathematics*
3 credits in Science*
3 credits in Social Sciences*
*These 14 core credits must match graduation requirements.

2 credits in the same World Language
8 additional credits - chosen from the best remaining semester credits taken

The best semesters for each category will be used in calculating the weighted GPA. Coursework cannot be retaken to improve a grade, and failure of any course will disqualify a student.

  Ties for valedictorian or salutatorian will produce co-valedictorians or co-salutatorians, respectively. If there is a tie for valedictorian, there will be no salutatorian; however, there may be a valedictorian and then multiple salutatorians.

   Graduates must have been in attendance at that school for at least their entire previous and current years, with classes scheduled for at least half of the student day.

What does this mean?

Earning Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors favors students taking College Level (AP, IB, AICE, and Dual Enrollment) courses.

Students may earn more than 24 credits, but only their top 24 credits in the categories above will count.

Students completing High School credits in Middle School may use the extra time in High School taking rigorous courses to prepare for college.


 Starting With 2023-2024 6th Graders


Honors Course Weighting

 College-Level Course Weighting*

(AP, AICE, IB, Dual Enrollment)

 A = 4.5 A = 5 
 B = 3.5 B = 4 
 C = 2.5 C = 3 
  *All Honors and College-Level courses use this weighting prior to 2023-2024 6th graders