Technology & Information Services

Mission Statement

Create simple and efficient access for students, staff and parents using ANY device.

District Technology Goals

  • Goal I: Ensure all schools will have adequate and equitable technology resources.
  • Goal II: Improve learning for students and enhance instruction by teachers.
  • Goal III: Enhance communication between schools, parents and the district office.
  • Goal IV: Provide a secure, efficient, and reliable school/district technology infrastructure.
  • Goal V: Provide world-class technical support for all schools and departments.
  • Goal VI: Enhance technical staff development for all personnel in the effective use of technology.

Technology Helpdesk

  • 352-671-7000 OR 57000 (Internal)

Contact Information

  • Richard Benvenuti, Director
    352-671-7775 (57775)

    Kim Rowland, Confidential Secretary
    352-671-7775 (57775)