Corona Virus: Implications on Instruction

Posted by Katrina Hall on 3/20/2020


The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be a long event that will disrupt the rest of the academic year in some way. That means parents, teachers, school board members and district administrators have to decide which steps to take, often with incomplete and rapidly changing information. 


Beginning March 30th, students and teachers will transition to remote learning to ensure learning is taking place while the school campus is shut down.  This is a directive sent from the Florida Department of Education.


As we try to navigate through this unprecedented event, we need to be patient with each other (students, teachers and parents/guardians).  This is a time in which we need to work together to bring some sense of normalcy into our lives. 


The district would like parents to complete the parent survey about what technology you currently have at home.  Click link below.


Remember, students will be learning remotely until at least April 15th.  As information about the containment of the virus comes in, the district will keep us updated.


Please be safe and I hope to see you all soon!  :)


All my best,

Mrs. Hall



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