Behavior logs + student drop-off/pick-up

PARENTS! PLEASE do not drop your student off before 8:15 in the mornings, as we cannot gaurantee supervision before that time. Mornings are when most conferences and staff meetings and other matters are dealt with. Our team go to meet students for morning drop off at 8:15 in the front lobby (car riders) or the bus loop. We take our car riders to the front lobby of the school at 2:50 every afternoon, so that parents/caregivers can get in, pick-up students, and get out of the parking lot before the driveways are blocked off for buses and the mass exit of campus. Please set these times so that your student isn't left waiting! If there is an emergency or something comes up that may cause a delay, let us know so we can adjust our schedules and ensure coverage. We want to do all we can to make things safe and convenient for everyone!