Happy Auspicious April!

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Happy Auspicious April, Friends! :) 

What a time of year! Tuesday, April 1, 2019, is our FSA Writing Assessment. Our students are prepared, and they have been writing, using their rubric to 'color-code' their own writing as well as their peers' writing. Alot has been learned through this process! :) 

Now that our FSA Writing will be done, please see the FSA Assessment dates below for Reading, Math, and Science. With each test, please encourage your child that they are so capable and will do well. They need us to believe in them and to remind them that they can accomplish 'hard things'. 

FSA Dates 2019

Enjoy the rest of your child's 5th grade year before they are middle schoolers. They are growing so much! Yearbooks are pre-selling now, and later on in the year, we will have a 'yearbook signing party' for a little bit, meeting with the other 5th grade classes. Students really like that opportunity to have their friends from other classes sign their book too. 

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. Email and Dojo are great ways of contacting me. Thank you, and happy auspicious April! 


Mrs. Lamperski

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