Text Structure: RI.2.5

Text Structures Overview (Abby Hurley)- 'Text Structures Overview'- (Abby Hurley)

Text Structures- Part 1 Video (From 'Jessalove76')- Text Structures- Part 1 ('Jessalove76)

Text Structures- Part 2 Video (From 'Jessalove76')- Text Structures- Part 2 ('Jesslove76')

Flocabulary- 'The 5 Types of Text Structure' Video- Flocabulary- '5 Types of Text Structure'


Description Text Structure (Abby Hurley): Description Text Structure Video

Cause & Effect Text Structure (Abby Hurley): Cause & Effect Text Structure Video

Chronological/ Sequence/ Time Order Text Structure: Chronological Text Structure Video

Compare & Contrast Text Structure (Abby Hurley): Compare & Contrast Text Structure Video

How to Introduce Text Structure (McGraw-Hill Prek-12): 'Name That Text Structure!' C&C

Problem & Solution Text Structure (Abby Hurley): Problem & Solution Text Structure Video

Learning About Text Structure (McGraw-Hill PreK-12): 'Name That Text Structure!' P&S


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