I was absent during a lab, what should I do?

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There are several options for absent students to complete missed work:

1.  Each student has a learning chart for the unit. When you are absent, continue completing the tasks on the learning chart. 

2.  Check on your PearsonRealize Account for assignments.

3.  Log in to Google Classroom, check for daily agenda listing assignments

4.  Upon return, check the "Make-up" station for the daily agenda for the day(s) missing


Note:  I follow MCPS absentee policy for missed work.  You have 2 days for each day absent in order to earn full credit.  After 7 days from absence I will not grade your work.  In-between is worth one-half credit.  This includes quizzes, tests and labs, so don't delay.

If you need an online assignment re-opened for you, send me the assignment name, the date assigned or report to class before/after school.