There is a lot of acronyms in your course. What do they all stand for?

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Great Question!  Here's a list:

Coach EOC: Test Prep Workbook

FW:  Foundations Workbook

EJ:  Explorer's Journal (Honors Research Projects)

W.D.W. - "What's Due When" is a list posted on my white board every day.

S.L.M. - "Student Learning Map" is made by the county and tells the student what he/she needs to know for the unit test.

C.S.M.A - "Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assessment" to determine baseline knowledge; given in August.  Is not posted in gradebook.

Q.S.M.A. - "Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment" assessed quarterly to determine learning gains and for remediation.  Is posted in gradebook.

E.O.C.E. - "End of Course Exam" is the biology test administered in May.  It is made by the state and is weighted at 30% of the students term grade.  Passing ensures college/career readiness.  In order to earn the designated "Scholar's" diploma a student must pass all EOCE's.

Y.A.G. - "Year at a Glance" is stored in student binder.  It provides the pacing and progression of the biology content for the year.  Chapters, sections, quizzes and assessments are noted.