Khan Academy

Posted by Bronwyn Chen on 11/1/2019

I have created student accounts with Khan Academy that are linked to their school account. I have assigned lessons that go along with what we are learning in math. The lessons include videos that they can pause and replay as needed, as well as practice problems.

For Khan Academy, this is what I understand works best when logging in from home.

1. Open the chrome browser.
2. Login to the MCPS Desktop
3. On another tab, go to
4. Click on Login
5. Click on "Continue with Google"
6. A pop up window should appear that asks for permission to access account information. 
Make sure the students school email address is selected and click on "Allow"


Khan Academy Log In Instructions

This is a great way for students to practice math stills while they are at home. I strongly encourage students to look at the assignments that I have assigned, but they can also go back to past assignments and work on those as well.