ELA / Social Studies instruction and assignements for both Mrs. Vogt's and Mrs. Tedder's students will be located on my webpage. Math and Science will be on Mrs. Tedder's webpage.


Check List for the week of 5/26



  1. BrainPop Jr. - Parts of a whole 
  1. IReady – Practice: identify two or four equal parts 
  1. Splashlearn: Partition shapes – halves and fourths (graded)  
  1. IReady – 45 minutes 



  1. BrainPop Jr. - Fast and Slow changes (graded) 



  1. Lalilo - Complete two lessons (star) a week.
  1. Grace – Read The Yard Sale and answer questions 
  1. Fluency – Read The Storm send me the correct words per minute (Graded) 
  1. IReady – 45 minutes 


Social Studies 

  1. Studies Weekly 32 – Review