City Spies

by James Ponti Year Published: 2020

Puerto Rican born, Sara Martinez (real name, Brooklyn) finds herself in jail after hacking into the city's computer system in order to expose her foster parents as abusive frauds. Her inept court-appointed lawyer is no help, but she is offered a wild proposition she honestly can't refuse - join Britain's M16 as a kid operative. After her release from prison, she is flown to Scotland, where she meets the rest of the City from around the world who have their own unique set of skills in logic, puzzles, sneakiness, etc. Of course, there's also Mother, a white Englishman who has taken in the "city spies" sending them to boarding school part of the day and helping them fine tune their "skills" the rest of the time. He has a special mission for them in Paris involving a competition they need to do just well enough to make the top ten. Their real objective is to protect the eccentric billionaire sponsor from an evil villain. Fun book for thrill seekers seeking adventure!