by Sarah Beth Durst Year Published: 2019

Twelve year old Mina lives on her family's farm in Alorria, a land where there's never extreme weather like tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Weather is controlled by storm beasts, dragon-like creatures with the face of a lizard and the personality of a puppy. The five types of storm beasts are sun, rain, wind, snow, and lightning. Mina is so quiet, everyone assumes her storm beast will be a sun, rain, or snow beast when it finally hatches. When Pixit hatches, he's a lightning beast which "must be a mistake," since lightning guardians are loud and brave. However, Mina stands her ground and won't even consider giving up her beast. Though quiet and sometimes self-doubting, Mina discovers her inner strength when she leaves home to start Lightning School. Learning how to fly into storms and grab lightning with their hands is incredibly exciting. When she discovers that Alorria's perfectly balanced weather comes at a horrific cost to the people on the other side of the mountains, she's horrified. Though Mina has never been one to speak up, lives are at stake and she's determined to get her fellow students to rise up against powers that be.