Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

by Pablo Cartaya Year Published: 2018

The Terrible Tower, the Springfield Skyscraper are just two of the names that Marcus Vega is called as a result of being 180 pounds and six feet tall in 8th grade. Kids clear out of his way when he walks down the hall. But in reality, if they could see Marcus with his little brother Charlie, who has Down's Syndrome, they would see a gentle giant. Marcus helps feed Charlie when their single mother is working late. He helps bathe him, get him ready for bed, and he lets Charlie tickle him until he can hardly breathe. So when the school bully calls Charlie the "R" word, Marcus punches him in the face and is suspended. This leads his mother to take the family on a trip to Puerto Rico to meet their father's family although their father abandoned them ten years ago. Marcus sees this as an opportunity to search for his father, but he'll find much more as he journeys across the beautiful island with the support of his loving family.