APWH Students & Parents

APWH Students & Parents:


APWH Final Exam has a 50% pass rate

Your Students should be reading Ethel Woods &/or Crash Course (review books, that you purchased, or I have provided for free) and reviewing year-long vocabulary index cards that most have done all year (A MUST!)

They should have go-to Empire/Civilization SPICE Charts for each of our 6 AP Time Periods... ASK TO SEE THEM! (These are their necessities for the AP Final Exam Essays!)

They will be taking & reviewing as many previous AP Exams as I can fit in our remaining time. Some Students may need to come before school to complete these, I get here at 7:30



Honors Students & Parents:

Your Students should be CRAMMING for their Final Exam that drops many Students a letter grade each year! They will have 4 Study Guides that they should be studying for 4 quizzes to prep them for success. They are advised to make Index Cards, but I can't make them