human body project Part 1

The human body project is a computer report done in Microsoft Word Online.  Students can access this by logging into their portal.  Part 1 of this report will be due 11/22/16.  If you have internet access you can access Word Online.  Below are the items which must be completed in part 1 of the human body report.


Part 1

  1. Describe the levels of organization from smallest to largest of these things (organ, tissue, cell, atom, molecule, organ system, organism)
  2. Explain the functions of the skeletal system
  3. Explain joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons
  4. Explain the functions of the muscular system
  5. Explain the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles
  6. Explain how muscles work in pairs
  7. Explain how the skeletal and muscular system work together to help maintain homeostasis in the body