Welcome Back

We are Dressing out for the first time on Tuesday August 23. Please remember all uniforms must first meet the Osceola dress code. That means shorts must be mid-thigh in length with a t-shirt. Shorts should be black or blue in color and shirts should be gray or white.

Some of our students have uniforms on order. These students should bring something from home to change into until the uniforms arrive. When the uniforms arrive we will notify the students. This is when we will accept payment for the ordered uniforms.

Lock and locker rentals have started. There are 3 ways in which your child will receive there lock and locker. 1. The student is not using our uniforms for P.E. so they can rent one for $3.00. 2. They have already purchased a uniform from us. ( Lock and Lockers included in purchase). 3. The students have returned a blue order sheet for the uniform.


Please stay tuned for more info!!!!!



Coach Beach