2020-2021 School Supplies

 2020-2021 School Supplies

All students must have their own supply box. Sharing of supplies is not allowed this year.


Face mask or cloth covering

Pencil box 

Scissors (school size, pointed or blunt) 

Pencil sharpener with container

Pencils (to be replaced through the year)




Mrs. Davis will supply 1 three ring binder, filler paper, colored pencils, notebooks, and folders.  If your child loses or destroys any of the items provided, it will be your responsibility to replace them. 

Do not bring backpacks, markers, post-it notes, liquid glue, or rubber bands to school.

Mrs. Hood may ask for additional supplies. 

PLEASE do not allow your child to bring perfume or body spray to school.  We have people with severe asthmatic sensitivities.  Thank you.