Please watch for First Grade Binders and Library Books:

FIRST GRADE BINDERS will be coming home each day and should also be returned. These are the communication method between you and myself; however they do not get checked until noon each day. (If there is something in the binder I need to see before that, please instruct your child to show it to me in the morning as they turn in their binder.) In them you will find the following: 

1. Any papers that are being sent home or have been done in school. 

2. A calendar with your child's daily and weekly behavior grade marked on it. If for some reason the behavior grade wasn't will be marked the next day. If you are curious as to what the daily grade was on a day it wasn't marked, feel free to contact me at the school number of 352-671-6100 before 3:00.

3. A 'Reading Log' to write down and record the details of each night's 20 minute reading by, with, or to your child. This is checked on a daily basis!   

Miscellaneous items will be added to the binder as the year progresses. 

LIBRARY BOOKS-          

Your children are borrowing LIBRARY BOOKS weekly from our school's media center. Children are encouraged to take them home to read each night, but need to also bring them back each day. It is suggested that the book your child chose is stored in their back pack while at home so that it won't be forgotten. When we go to the media center (currently Tuesday's), your child needs to turn their book in to be allowed to pick out a new book .