Directions to Prom:

 Make sure to enter the WEC from the gate on 40th street!

Address: 1390 NW 80th Ave


From WPHS:

  • Turn right out of student parking lot
  • Turn right onto 80th Ave towards 40
  • Take 80th all the way up to the intersection of 80th and 40 and take a left at the light.
  • The gate for WEC will be on the right side of the street approx. 1 block down from the intersection. There is a large sign. 
  • Enter the gate and follow the road.
  • Turn into Expo Center 1, the FIRST building on the left. There will be a stadium on your right.
  • OPD officers and school chaperones will direct you to parking spots.
  • Please wait patiently in line. Bags will be searched and you will check in with your quadrant in the lobby and receive your wristband before entering the venue.


If you PASS the topiaries, you've gone too far!


If you wind up entering the 80th street gate- you will have to go through the gate and continue to the right ALLLLLLLL the way around the WEC property- past the main entrance, past the gas station, past the stadium and Expo centers 1-2. It's tough to navigate, so don't enter this gate :)