This year we will be using Microsoft Teams as our online platform.  In order to get to Microsoft Teams, you need to log onto the desktop, go to outlook, and look to the right for Microsoft Teams.

Art Room Management Plan 2020-2021

#1 Rule : BE KIND

A: Aim to do what is best and what is right

R: Respect yourself, your friends and your art room

T: Trust in yourself and your ability to learn

For safety: you must stay in your assigned seat unless you have permission to move.  You must sit with your chair legs all on the floor.


First minor offense: reteach behavior expectations and encourage a positive redirection

Second minor offense: reseat in back of the room and check in the redbook

Third minor offense: time out with written paragraph on how things could have been done differently

Communication to parents as needed


Rewards: Praise, Husky Dollar


Onliine students will follow the classroom management/ behavior plan of the classroom teacher.