Is There Really A Human Race?

  1. I have included various size circles, one for each of the communities in which we live:

“My planet, My continent, My country, My state, My city, My house”.

Click here for an example


  1. Start by coloring the pictures I provided or drawing your own community pictures. You will glue the pictures to the labeled circle. You can also add words and pictures of your own or from magazines.  This is where you’ll get creative.  Think about the colors you see in your home, your city, your state, your country, continent and finally the earth.


  1. When you have finished coloring and gluing, start with the largest circle (Earth) and place them in order as seen in the link above, making sure you can see the labels.  The circles will start with the biggest and get smaller.  At the top of your community circles, you can put a picture of yourself (cut into a circle).


  1. Use the ring or brad that I provided to clip it all together.


  1. Next it’s time to take a picture of our work and email it to me. Remember that we are all in this together.  We all have problems that we face every day, but we are a community of families, held together by love, empathy, compassion, and hope.


  1. Time to clean up and have a great summer!



This project is the final project. There is no alternative activity.

Author: Zanita Hendry   Length: 6:33