Final Mock Exam

During the week of May 11-15, you will be required to take an AICE mock exam. This is in place of the exam you were supposed to take. There will be different versions of the same test for you to choose from based on your preference and resources available to you. There will be document-based tests and Google Classroom quiz versions. No matter which version you choose to complete, it must be completed and submitted online within the allotted time.


There will be two parts to the exam: an essay and a reading comprehension section with short answers.


You will be able to complete the exam online using Google Classroom. You can also download the text files and type your answers, but they must be typed out in a neat and understandable fashion. Although not recommended, the third way is to print the resources, handwrite your answers, scan the documents, and finally upload the files.


This mock exam, along with samples of your previous work, will be used by Cambridge, in lieu of the official final exam, to justify the grade you earn in AICE General Paper.