Final Grades


Final Grades

Good morning! I am beginning to finalize grades this week, so here are some guidelines regarding final grades:

There are 8 assignments in the gradebook. If you have a grade put in for all 8 assignments, that is your final grade! If you are happy with it- you don't have to do anything at all from this point on. Congrats on surviving the 4th quarter!

If you are unhappy with it, please email me! there is an assignment you can do to replace one or two lowest grades. 

I am still accepting late work. all work is due 5/27. If there is a * or a 5 in the gradebook, it means assignments for that week are missing and can be made up. If you click on the name of the assignment in the gradebook (ex. Week 3) it will tell you which assignments were due that week. If you complete an assignment late, please email me so that I can fix your grade.