Art Supply List

Art Class Supply List


Please note, in an effort to follow CDC guidelines, we are not allowed to share art supplies.  The following list are basic art supplies your child will need to purchase and keep with them all year for their personal use during art class.  (If we are all phased back to online schooling the students will take home their personal art supplies to be able to complete art assignments from home.)  These supplies are some of the same ones your classroom teachers are asking for.  In the case where they have asked for the same supply I am asking for, you will only need to purchase one of those to be used for the homeroom teacher and for art class. Thank you for making your child's school year as normal as possible!

  •  Pencil (typical classroom pencil)
  •  Handheld pencil sharpener
  •  Pink eraser(s)
  •  Markers
  •  Child size scissors
  •  Liquid glue (medium bottle, the small tiny bottles are too hard to squeeze without squeezing out too much glue).
  •  24 pack of crayons
  •  12-36 pack of colored pencils
  •  Watercolor pallet
  •  Large zip lock bag (1, please write child’s name on baggie)
  • Play dough 3-5 cups (ALL THE SAME COLOR, this can be found at Walmart in individually sold containers)


  • In addition to the above list, Online students need: 
    • Construction Paper (colored and white)