Attention Students!!

Weekly Assignments


All videos, asssignments, and quizzes can be found in Google Classroom.

All asssignments and quizzes MUST be completed in Google Classroom!


Google Classroom codes are separated by class periods. 

If you have not already joined my Google Classroom then you need to find the code listed below and join the class as soon as you can.  Each of my classes have the following codes:


1st: kif77ah

2nd: eqklycm

3rd: itkz3mi

4th: 6ppi46n

5th: 3uutrjb

6th: jivvetm



Please check your school email often for further communication from your teachers!


Click on the Blue "Week" links below to find out what is assigned for each week.

Remember, assignments can only be completed in Google Classroom!