Hello Friends and Caregivers

Hello Friends and Caregivers!


     My name is Diego Fuentes and I am the Visual and Performing Arts Instructor at Hillcrest.


     Who could have imagined the end of year would look like this? I hope you are all as well as can be and staying safe, and maybe even finding some light in these challenging times. I miss you all.


     At Hillcrest, music provides opportunities for students to express and engage in activities on many different levels. Much of the time the main goal is active participation and engagement, whether working on body percussion to participate in songs (Clapping, Tapping feet, snapping, head or eye motions) or using technology to create original songs (Using iPads, especially Garageband).


     Additionally, music class provides many familiar and structured activities. At this point I think that providing familiar songs and activities will help students in coping with the very real changes going on in their lives right now.


    So, I have chosen to utilize this classroom Distance Learning site. I will be sharing several links and lessons to familiar websites we visit and songs students enjoy. I will do my best to elaborate on how we use these songs in the process. I have written several songs that we frequently work on in class, and will be sharing those here as well. 


     These songs are familiar and will likely provide some fun learning, engagement and comfort for students. My hope is that you all can utilize this classroom page, which will continue to be added to and extend throughout the Distance Learning model, to make life and the learning process a little easier.


     I want to also emphasize that activities are modified for students to engage at their ability level. As one example a student that is unable to actually clap, but can verbalize the word “Clap” is encouraged to say the word “clap” instead. Unfortunately at this point I cannot be there to play with the students and control the speed of the song, but it is very important to remember that many students may need extra time to respond in a song. For those students the key is giving them plenty of time to respond as they are able.


Just have fun and please stay safe!