Monday, April 6th - No video today

Good morning Parents!!!

There will be NO TEACHER video today or any MONDAY, as I will be in online meetings throughout the day, planning for upcoming themes, checking reports and data and recording myself for the rest of the week. A Read-Aloud video is provided for the Very Hungry Caterpillar and other insect videos. 


Please COMPLETE THE ACTIVITIES GIVEN. Work on the activities from LAST week’s packet again THIS WEEK. Complete activities for MONDAY. VIDEOS will be posted for the rest of the week.


Also, as a resource, for your child’s math skills, use the following website:


CLICK on the link and go to I’m a student! It will ask you for a password, I’m sending it to you via message. Work on this as you can, but I recommend 15 to 20 mins a day 3 to 5 times a week. I will be monitoring your child’s progress in math by pulling a report and sharing information with you individually. All Pre-K students will start in the lowest level and will complete an assessment that will level their instruction. On settings, make sure the box is checked for the program to read the items to them.


I’m working still to find a website for literacy (alphabet) appropriate for them. Will let you know as I find something, but here is another resource shared by the Occupational therapist and it has multiple areas, like puzzles, symmetry, math, art, letters and it provides you with virtual manipulatives to count and letter tiles to write your name!


Spend sometime here today as well and explore it! Click on:


Thank you to all for been so awesome! Keep the pictures coming (of your children working), keep up the good work and the feedback of how you guys are doing and how the children are doing in regards of academics.


I am a text away, here and ready to support you!

Ms. K




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