FRIDAY April 3rd

Prior to watching this lesson, please have your child practice writing their first and last name 3 times. If they need extra help you can write it in highlighter for them and they can trace it. 


After watching this lesson, have your child draw a picture of a butterfly and copy the word butterflyReview the letters in your child’s name and in the word butterfly and the sounds those letters make.  Also, practice syllables – How many syllables does the word butterfly has? But-ter-fly (3) use your fingers to find out. Practice with 3 other words of your choice.


During the day, complete the different activities attached in the weekly plan for today. (In this case, Friday). The learning packet is on the right tab under learning materials and they are organized by date to make it easier for you.  


***Points and kuddos for who sends me a picture of their drawing labeled***

Author: Kenia Rodriguez    Length: 17:56