Please check back regularly for assignments.

Assignments for the week will post every Sunday at 3pm.  


 **Students are only required to complete 3 English Language Arts activities, 3 Math activities, 1 Social Studies, and 1 Science activity per week. Any additional assignments in these categories will be optional. Please see specific lesson plans to see which assignments are optional. Thank you!**


Please make sure to check the special area teacher pages for the rotation schedule & lessons. 



PE-Brown or Sulzener


I am required to take attendance daily. I will post an opinion question on Class Story on Dojo. Please ask your child and then post their answer. Feel free to comment on other student answers as well. If you are not on Class Dojo, please email me. Thank you! 


If an activity requires a video answer you will need to send the video to my email or post it to your child's Class Dojo Portfolio. I will accept work through Class Dojo or email. 


Please make sure you are not doing more than 45 minutes of iReady for the week in both reading and math. 


30-45 minutes iReady Reading 

30-45 minutes iReady Math


20 minutes of Reading