Music is Powerful

Music is powerful. It can inspire us, uplift us, and bring us joy, happiness, and peace. My hope is that during this time you, and your family, would find a way to incorporate music into your lifestyle. Have music playing around the house. Dance and sing while doing chores. Make up your own songs about the things you're doing.


One of my favorite things about music is that it creates community. My favorite lessons to teach are when the students are using what we've learned to work together to create a musical performance. Every student has a different and wonderful idea, and I love seeing how all the ideas in a group come together to make something beautiful and wonderful. Since we are all learning in different locations and maintaining social distance, making music as a class the way we're used to is not possible at this time, but it is something you can do at home with your family. I encourage you to have fun, and find ways to make life musical during this time.