Welcome to Distance Learning!

Posted by Jaime Vidal on 4/1/2020 7:00:00 AM

Welcome to Distance Learning!

We will all be learning how to do school this new way together. PLEASE do not stress about anything. We will get through this as a team. 

A few things you will need to know this week, as we begin:

1. All of the work your child will see, is NOT something that they haven't seen before. I will be using the same type of work that I used in class.

2. I will be creating videos where I teach the lesson and post them with the assignment as needed. 

3. If you have a question, or your child has a question, please text me and I will respond as soon as I can. 

4. Please know that I understand if you are working and having to help homeschool your child(ren), because I am also doing the same thing with 7 children. :)

5. Please watch the zoom video I made to help explain what this will look like for your child in my 4th Grade Math class. It's in the announcements below. 


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