Week 9


Hello Liberal Arts Math students. This has been an unusual end of the year. Yeah! To those who stayed and finished strong and yeah… to the ones I had to pull by the ear to stay in the class and finished. I miss all of you guy’s smiles and happy faces. This is the last week coming for assignments. This Friday (5/22/20) is the last day I will be accepting week 1-5 assignments. So if you have not completed these weeks by now (oops) sorry I will not be grading those assignments. Any assignments after week 5 will be graded towards the final grade. Thanks to all you who completed each and every assignment, for your grade reflects your hard work. Seniors………………………………. I will be finalizing your grades Tuesday May 26, 2020. Please if you are behind and you are not passing this class, work extra hard this weekend. I hope each and every one of you will have a relax and interesting summer.