WEEK 8 Measures of Central Tendency

Week 8

May 18-23, 2020

Hello Liberal Arts Math students.  This is the eight week (yeah)!  At this time if you have not made-up or caught up on your assignments, now is the time to come up with a plan on doing so.  SENIORS… this is your last week and I hope you are excited about graduation.  Just a reminder, if you have not being logging on completing your assignments, you need to email me about your plan on finishing strong.   This week we will continue working on Measures of Central Tendency. 

This activity covers finding the mean, median, mode and range.  You will complete Measures of Central Tendency activity.  Remember if you need help on any assignment(s), I will be on zoom.us (11:00-12:30) ID:  914-5053-5075 Password:  5hAK94.