WEEK 5 Volume of Polygons


April 27-May1, 2020

Hello Liberal Arts Math students.  Week 5 and hopefully you took advantage of the make-up week.  This week we will be exploring Volume of Polygons.  Please stay on task with all assignments and we will finish this year strong and everyone will be successful.

This Friday is progress report.  Hopefully you are on top of your grades in all classes.  In Google classroom this week you will see notes, examples, and assignment on Volume.  I will also be hosting zoom meetings.  You may have notice I changed the zoom time due to lack of participation.  If you need help I will be on zoom from 11:00 – 12:30 daily.

 (zoom.us  ID: 914-5053-5075  password:  5hAK94)

Have a good week and remember your grades are determine by your work routines.  Therefore put in good work habits and reap the positive results.   As always Geometry starts with “READING”.  Stay safe and complete all assignments.