Week 3 Similarity and Proportions

4/13/20  - 4//17/20


Hello to all of my Liberal Arts Math students.  I miss interacting with you all and hoping that you and your family are safe.  Well we have survived two (2) weeks of distance (online) learning.  My thanks to those of you who are current with the assignments.  For those who are behind, who never logged on, or started, you are officially behind and your grades have a reflection of this.  Therefore, I encourage you to log on and make up any or all assignments.  

To everyone, we are starting week three (3).  Wow, can you believe how fast time is going!  This week (Week 3), we will be discussing and you will be practicing the topic, Similarity and Proportions

Remember, Geometry always starts with READING.  Be sure to read your notes (with understanding).  Log on to Google Classroom and I will post more notes and examples which will be of assistant.  This is Ms. Williams remember, always wash your hands and be safe.