Posted by Jason Kasper on 4/28/2020 8:00:00 AM


ALL US HISTORY & EARTH SCIENCE CLASSES: Your grades have been entered into Skyward. Currently, if you do not have (3) completed assignments you have a "zero" marked for one or more of the weeks - (3 grades so far, 3 weeks of grades). These "zeros" will remain as placeholders until you get the work to me. Unfortunately, as we are pressed against the deadline for getting work in before the Progress Reports for Q4. Therefore you have only a short window to get the work to me to be reflected on the Progress Reports, but I still will be taking this past due work well after the Progress Report goes out, so do not fret but also do not fall too far behind. Use your time wisely to ensure you are doing what the school is expecting of you.

FOR STUDENTS WHO RECEIVED WORKPACKETS: I need you to reach out to me as soon as possible to provide me with your progress. I have made efforts to reach you however most, if not all have not communicated back to me. In the event I do not get the work packet progress sent to me (in photo form) for at least 3 assignments, I will have to apply a place holder "zero" until I have enough work to account for the expected work.


- Mr. K