04/26 Progress Reports Due Out Soon - Get Assignments To Me ASAP

Posted by Jason Kasper on 4/26/2020


ALL STUDENTS: My grading will be finalized for the progress reports by 8 pm tomorrow (Monday, April 27). It is your responsibility to go into Skyward Tuesday morning (April 28th) to look over your grades to account for any missing work. I am not addressing the grade, only missing work. If you have a zero for one, or more, of the weeks and you submitted it in GOOGLE CLASSROOM, it is YOUR responsibility to reach out to me BEFORE Wednesday 12 pm, so I can see it and adjust the Gradebook accordingly. Let me be clear, I have sent you instructions on how assignments are to be accounted for in Google Classroom. It is up to you to stay on top of your responsibilities and to stay committed to your classes. If you reach out to me about a zero for an assignment I will go into Google Classroom to see if the (3) required assignments are there. For the students who have been on top of their work, please continue to do the good job you've been doing. There are many of you and I am extremely proud of what you do. Time is extremely limited before the progress reports are required to be finalized so be sure to be on top of your classes and don't fall behind. Please also note, that even one zero can crater your grade before the progress reports, so be sure to do at least the minimum so you are not having to play catch-up. As always, I am here to help so reach out if you have any questions about this.